Joy on Zoom

Fighting Zoom Overload

I’m Zooming all the time. Sometimes, looking at myself can become a distraction. Other times, I’m distracted with other things. If you’re like me and are a little tired of official Zoom meetings. Here are a few things I do while in the Zoom world.

  • Turn off my video. It starts because I might be going to get water or just stand up and I don’t want to be a distraction to other people. I’ll turn it back on…when I feel like it.Zoom Laptop & Cell Phone
  • Select speaker view. Just look at the person talking or the person Zoom thinks is talking. It usually bounces from speaker to shuffle paper person to someone with something on in the background and then back to the speaker.
  • Pin a random person. Just for fun, I scroll through the people and there is always someone more distracted that I am. This person seems to forget they can be seen. Even when everyone is paying attention, I might just choose a random person to pin.
  • Mute and take notes. You actually remember more when you take notes even if you never look at them again. It will also have you a little more focused on what is happening especially when you could not possibly care any less. You will look engaged because you will be without looking at the screen.
  • If I’m just tired of looking at my own face, I can hide myself.

These options are a little different if you’re on Zoom on your phone, laptop, desktop or tablet. Of course, the other web conferencing applications have a slightly different set up. These tips should be useful there too.

One thing I noticed is that my Zoom parties don’t come with these issues. Although, I do like to scroll through to see who is there. It’s almost like checking out the folks when you make a round at the in person party. Whatever the case, try to make it fun. Fun is good for your health!! We’re all for your best life in every moment. 😉