Day 35 A Day of Celebration and Gratitude!

I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the transition of Muhammad Ali, who graced himself with the title ” The Greatest”.

His journey was one of the most colorful tapestries of life that this world has ever seen. Born Cassius Marcellus Clay in Louisville Ky during the Jim Crow era, American Hero when he won the 1960 Olympics and continued to fight and win 6 times as a professional. And then quickly villianized in 1967 when he converted to Islam, became an conscientious objector and refused to go to Vietnam, stripped of his boxing title, convicted of draft evasion and sentenced to five years in prison.

Was he a broken man? shamed or disgraced? No, by no means. He stood for his convictions; He used his anger and turned it into strengths – strength of character to encourage and empower the world to grow, to think on their own, to become ” The Greatest” and then he once again becomes the world’s Hero.

In 2009, his wife read an essay of his personal philosophy of life, which is the focus this morning and for our time together:
“I never thought of the possibility of failing, only of the fame and glory I was going to get when I won,” Ali wrote. “I could see it. I could almost feel it. When I proclaimed that I was the greatest of all time, I believed in myself, and I still do.”

In spite of his personal triumphs, trials, tribulations, regrets and victories, he remain steadfast in believing in himself and his faith tradition.

Within you is that flame, that light of greatness. You are God’s daughter, no longer bound by the limitations that we often feel are placed on us by others, but most importantly by ourselves.

Take today and Celebrate the life of this man and express Gratitude to God for you. I celebrate you, my sisters. When I am with you, there is so much beauty and energy that you infuse me with. You bring me life; Today bring you life and BELIEVE in you. No more dreams deferred – Yes, these bones are alive!

Rev. Jacki